The purpose of Independent Study

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The purpose of Independent Study

Independent Study is a district program associated with the schools in the district.  Independent Study services Mill Street Elementary K-2 grade, Fairview Elementary 3-5 grade, CK Price 6-8 grade, Orland High School 9-12 grade, and North Valley Continuation High School 10-12 grade.  Students from their designated school meet with their IS teacher once a week and schedule interventions throughout the week when needed. Independent study is an alternative choice for families that either aren’t ready to send their children physically back to the classroom or whose children temporarily cannot attend because of health issues.  It is a voluntary placement to address individual needs and learning styles. Students spend 5 hours a day doing coursework at home with an issued Chromebook from their school. IS allows the opportunity for students with physical disabilities, and health issues, and   All coursework is through an online program called ACCELLUS.  The individual student does the work with the assistance of their teacher or staff.  A minimum of 20 hours a week of work must be completed to receive total weekly attendance.

How To Enroll in Independent Study

In order to enroll in Independent Study, the students must be enrolled in their specific school and request independent study.  Based on the student's circumstance, each student will be placed on a list for C.O.S.T. (Coordination of Support Team), which determines when and how a student gets onto IS.  The students have access to their school of origin and are, by privilege, allowed to attend school functions and activities.  Once enrolled, a student will attend weekly meetings with the teacher, attend intervention if assigned, and complete a minimum of 3% in each course, each week. If a student does not show involvement consistently in IS, they will be offered a place back at their main school of origin.

 What Does Independent Study Have To Offer?

  • Education offered to students in grades K-12 (Parental assistance needed at home for the younger grades) 
  • One-on-one and group tutoring, as well as individual time with a teacher
  • Online courses and resources through ACELLUS
  • A reading library
  • Links to school information 
  • Ability to participate in school activities and sports
  • Course intervention and assistance with coursework
  • Access to learning in a home environment
  • A-G requirements in academics
          Staff Directory👩‍🏫👨‍🏫

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          Staff Directory👩‍🏫👨‍🏫

Kendra Beams Intervention Teacher Ext. 8201
Alberto Gomez K-12 Teacher Ext. 8202
Joy Padden K-12 Teacher Ext. 8203
Swade Schmitt K-12 Teacher Ext. 6002
Casey Johnson Principal Ext. 6310